Suit Yourself Posing Suits
Laura Richards, Owner, CEO, Creative Director "My mission is to create a beautiful suit that you are proud to wear on stage. I guarantee the uniqueness of your suit as we create each piece to order; no two suits are ever created identically. Being an athlete myself I know how expensive the sport is. I want to provide you with the highest quality, most blinged out suit for the cheapest possible cost to you! The suit you will receive will not only be built to your custom specifications but also be built to fit into your competition budget. I vow to work with any and all clients no matter what your budget is. I will never turn an athlete away due to lack of funds. As a fellow athlete I want to make your prep as stress-free and easy as I can! Most people started training and competing to challenge their bodies, however in competing I found my true calling and passion in creating beautiful one of a kind suits and providing each competitor with a piece they will be proud of!"

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Suit Yourself Posing Suits

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